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Connecticut’s trash and recycling crisis is here

We do agree that waste reduction should be part of the overall solution to reduce rising local costs.


12 Best Reusable Straws That Are Better for the Earth

Ditch the plastic and opt for reusable

CT Sues Exxon as climate ‘deception cases swell

CT Sues Exxon as climate 'deception' cases swell

Internal records suggest the company understood the role of fossil fuels in driving climate change, and chose to bury that research

If Connecticut wants to reduce its trash, it must expand the Bottle Redemption Bill

 If Connecticut wants to reduce its trash, it must expand the Bottle Redemption Bill

Disposing of trash is costing all the towns in Connecticut a lot of money


Norwalk bans plastic stirrers, restricts plastic straws

One step closer to a more sustainable future

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Norwalk bans use of Styrofoam items

Styrofoam fills as much as 30 percent of total landfill volume

Stew Leonard Jr. Support Norwalk Bag Ban

Plastic Bag Ban Takes Effect

We have to do everything we can to take care of Mother Earth

Plastic dishes

Westport bans plastic straws, cups, Styrofoam at eateries

The Representative Town Meeting unanimously passed a groundbreaking town ordinance.

More Straws

Stamford, Norwalk team up to ban plastic straws

"If we expect Mother Earth to take care of us, we have to take care of her,”

- Mayor Harry Rilling.

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CT’s recycling market collapses

This change will result in significant cost increases for local governments.

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Norwalk passes plastic bag ban

The Common Council voted unanimously on Tuesday to pass an ordinance that would prohibit stores and restaurants from using plastic carryout bags, effective six months — July 8 — from the vote.


Problems with Plastic

NORWALK — Ripka's Beach Cafe at Calf Pasture Beach has heeded the environmental call to make the switch away from plastic straws, but it took six months of hard work.....


Plastic Tide Threatens Long Island Sound

A movement to ban plastic bags that harm fish and other wildlife in Long Island Sound is slowly gaining traction along Connecticut’s shoreline.


The Last Straw:  These Restaurants Are Joining Starbucks in Ending Plastic Straw Use

Earlier this week Starbucks announced their decision to discontinue the use of all plastic straws in their 28,000 stores worldwide by 2020 in the hopes of creating less plastic waste. The company believes the move will eliminate more than 1 billion straws a year. 


Editorial:  Straw ban stirring Norwalk initiatives

Midway between California and Hawaii, a mass of plastic debris three times the size of France floats beneath the surface of the Pacific Ocean, strangling sea creatures and killing coral reefs.


Norwalk businesses and individuals decide to skip the straw

NORWALK — Bar Sugo offers a negroni, sangria and its own take on a Manhattan. But there’s one thing you will not find at the Wall Street restaurant — a plastic straw. Instead, signature cocktails…

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